Top 10 Hottest Pornstars of 2022

Top 10 Hottest Pornstars for 2022

If you want to start learning more about the women you see when watching porn, or if you want to expand your knowledge regarding some of the hottest porn stars in the business then this is the guide for you.

1. Lana Rhoades

Lana Rhoades is a bombshell, and she happens to love everything about sex. There isn’t one thing that she will not do if it means pleasing her audience. She originally started by doing lesbian scenes but then she branched out to interracial, gang bangs, anal and blowjobs.

She actually lost her anal virginity by doing porn, and she loves nothing more than being double-penetrated. Right now, she’s one of the sexiest and hardest-working actresses in the industry.

2. Abella Danger

This woman has managed to film well over 1000 scenes so far. She has Ukrainian heritage, but she was born in the US, and she is as flexible as they come. She has curves in all the right places.

It is safe to say that no hole is off-limits for this woman, and there isn’t an act that is too far either. She will do everything you ask her to, and her shapely round tits are not to be overlooked.

3. Riley Reid

Riley has been working hard in the industry for over 10 years, and she doesn’t look to be showing any signs of quitting. Her body is natural and she is able to rock the look.

She gives fun live experiences for fans and if you prefer the more “real” experience then she has everything you could ever want and more. She is truly one-of-a-kind!

4. Eva Elfie

Eva is a Siberian girl, and she weighs around 100lbs. Her boobs though will blow your mind. She loves having sex in very public places, not to mention that she is very keen on stripping down when she is on a hike.

She may look pure and sweet, but she has a very dirty mind, and she is always looking for her next sexual adventure. She loves to please people with her body, and nothing will stop her from getting what she wants.

5. Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova is quite possibly one of the hottest women in the industry. You can look at her ass and know instantly who she is.

She puts a lot of work into getting the body shape she has, and she is also able to go for hours when it comes to creating steamy sex tapes. She is able to show you a lot of new positions and she is guaranteed to blow your mind and your load.

6. Lena Paul

If you thought that D cups were a good size, then you should know that Lena Paul has DDD cups. Her ass is tight and her boobs are nothing short of giant. She has had a lot of gang bangs in the past and she is also known for her very passionate sex scenes.

She likes to spend a lot of time on her knees, and some say she spends more time there than she does standing up.

7. Brandi Love

Do you love MILFS? Then Brandi Love is who you want. She is nearly 50 years old and she started porn all the way back in 2004. Ever since, she has been with a lot of different men on screen and she also has an open marriage in real-life. She spends a lot of her time working out, trying to keep her abs nice and toned for the next time the cameras roll.

8. Emily Willis

Emily loves nothing more than deepthroating. The only thing she does like more is anal. She is a size queen so do not be shocked when you see her taking huge cocks.

9. Cory Chase

Cory Chase is everyone’s dream. She’s the MILF from your teenage dreams and she’s got a lot of class. Her abs are defined, and her body is ripped. She is guaranteed to give you the mind-blowing and load-blowing experience you are looking for.

10. Nicole Aniston

Nicole Aniston might like to dominate, but she always makes sure that the needs of her partners are looked after as well. She has years of experience in the business and she is very eager to please. She has previously come out to say that porn satisfies her in a way that no other job could, and this is evident when you look at some of the scenes she has shot over the years.

So, these women should be on your watch-list if you love nothing more than a good porn movie. Why not see if any of them can appeal to your sexual fantasies today by looking up their latest content?